veredus – Italian supplier of high quality horse riding equipment

Veredus horse boots are among the most well-known brands in the world of horses. They are made of the finest materials and offer the most effective protection for your horse’s legs. They also come with Magnetik which is a revolutionary therapy system that absorbs magnetic fields to aid the legs of your horse. The Veredus brand also produces saddles and tack that keep both the horse and the rider comfortable, as well as stylishly fashionable.

If you cherished this article and you would like to receive more info concerning Sharp Tack please visit our own webpage. Veredus’ most recent product is the Kevlar Gel Vento model. It utilizes carbon fibers and Nitrex to improve shock absorption. This combination is designed to protect the tendons. The Save The Sheep horse boots only make use of synthetic leather. The thick wool provides superior protection and the Pro Jump model has a polyurethane shell and 6mm Neoprene.

The company also has a variety of models of jumping boots and dressage. The Piaffe Revo model is ideal for training sessions. The boot’s Aerox material helps provide adequate ventilation to ensure that the horse isn’t too chilled or overheated. The Piaffe Revo is available both in black and white, and is constructed from synthetic leather. The company offers a comprehensive line of horse boots, so you are sure to find the ideal model for you.

The Veredus brand is the leading brand in premium equestrian footwear. The boots are made from premium leather and offer the best protection for the legs of the horse as well as the rider. The shoes are constructed with the latest technology and carefully selected raw materials. The company also works closely with top riders to ensure that their products meet the highest standards that their customers demand. You can buy Veredus horse boots at Mary’s Equitation to give your horse the most secure protection it requires.

Veredus horse shoes provide the highest level of protection for the legs of your horse. They are designed with care and attention to detail they provide the highest level of protection for the horses’ legs. The brand offers free shipping for orders of more than $50. Don’t miss out on these premium horse shoes and begin protecting your horse friend’s legs. You’ll be glad you did! All you need to do is place an order with Veredus at Edgemere.

As a leading brand in the production of horse boots, Veredus has become a household name in the world. Both the Veredus Carbon Gel Vento and Olympus boots are made from tough polyurethane. This is anatomically designed to protect the legs of horses. The basic Veredus Olympus is two-way stretchy and made from strong polyurethane.

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